January 2020

The Amalfi Coast

This piece of artwork was picked from an Artist painting in Piazza Navona in Rome. What we loved about this work was the serenity and impressionism depicted in the painting. As per artist, this took him around 6-7 hrs to paint and roughly 2 – 3 days to naturally dry. After speaking to the artist …

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The Village Life

This piece was picked out from a renowned Indonesian Artist from his gallery. He might not want to take credit for this painting because, this was made by joint effort of his family. As per him, such paintings are unique to Javanese part of Indonesia, which is still very family oriented.  Every feature of this …

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Porcelain Birds

While we were decorating our house, we were roaming around in Holland Village (locality in Singapore). This where we came across a traditional chinese shop selling porcelain wares, probably imported from China. Actually, these are tall pickle jars where Chinese grand mothers used to store pickled fish, meat and vegetables. These were great addition to …

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Ganesha From Tanjore

In 2019, we visited the town of Tanjore. Tanjore was capital of various dynasties like Cholas and Pandyas. While these kingdoms were extremely talents artisans, engineers and architects. They were extremely knowledgeable of Metallurgical sciences as well. The technique through which the Ganesha has been cast is almost 1500 Yrs old. The real beauty of …

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The Czar Family

As you all might know, Russian Dolls are very famous across the globe. This set of dolls was picked out from  Izmailovsky Market (Moscow Souvenir Market). These are hand painted dolls with russian folklore painted on it. It was a set of  7 dolls carefully painted with respective stories.

Captain of My Soul

The movie ‘Invictus’ which I thought to be a usual sporting saga turned out to inspire me for a lifetime. The filmed is based upon the book “Playing he Enemy” by John Carlin focusing on socio-economic conditions of South Africa and first year of Prez. Nelson Mandela in year 1995. “We need inspiration”, declared by …

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Spring in Hue

We picked out this painting from Hanoi. As per the artist, the inspiration for the artwork came from the spring blooms in one of the villages near Hue, Vietnam. The splash of colors of orange family and green just makes the entire thing comes to life. The excessive paint on the tree bark gives the …

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