Conversation with an Unknown

Today, I am going to share a story with you all. The story is about a conversation which I had with an unknown person in

CoVID: Opportunity in Disguise

   Once a remarkable person said, ‘Opportunity often comes disguised in form of Misfortune or even Temporary defeat’. While I completely endorse the idea

Gratitude: Way to Happier Environ

In today’s world, where everyone is feeling undervalued or under-appreciated or sometimes even untrusted. This could be in personal or even professional lives. This has

Stress Management & Me

As we grow as professionals and people in this world, Stress be it mental, emotional or physical is bound to catch up with you. There

Captain of My Soul

The movie ‘Invictus’ which I thought to be a usual sporting saga turned out to inspire me for a lifetime. The filmed is based upon

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