The 4 Interior Empires: Foundation of Primal Power

While I was reading “The 5 AM Club” an extra-ordinary book written by Robin Sharma. And I recommend everyone to read this. This book is teaching me a lot of new aspects of oneself and validating some of my own theories about life. I loved this theory proposed by Robin in the book, and thought about writing about it for you all.

So, according to Robin, There are 4 interior empires which reside in ourselves i.e. Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset. Together, these four private arenas form the foundation of the true primal power that rests inside every human being alive today. Most of us have disowned and discredited this formidable force as we’ve spent days pursuing outside ourselves. Not many realise, that we all have this profound and illustrious capacity in us.

What it means is, to have a wholesome life with success and satisfaction one needs to nourish and nurture all 4 aspects. What I have seen in the world is the focus on ‘Mindset’, all the gurus of life only talk about ‘Mindset’. As per various teachers, if you calibrate your mindset efficiently, you can be destined to have a successfully future with wealth and prosperity. But as per my belief and also validated by the concept proposed by Robin Sharma, ‘Mindset’ only forms 25% of the puzzle. I think it’s time that we look all the 4 independently and then how they come together to improve personal mastery and fullness in life.


This is obvious one, right mindset and eventually right attitude is pivotal to any success of your life. As per many gurus and teachers, installing (like we do a software) a healthy psychology of hope and possibilities. What my parents and teachers always taught me is to think optimistically and that will become your reality. So, calibrate your mindset is an essential move to make personal win and legendary outer reality.

Ways to implement:

Read & Watch inspirational content, speaking to experienced and seasoned achievers.


Heartset is the emotional part of your inner regime. A heart full of anger, sadness, disappointment resentment and fear can never produce astonishing results as these toxic feeling are weighing you down. Hence, you need to rebuild, release, clean and purify your heart to experience exponential growth and unparalleled performance. You can’t be living in the past or worrying about your future and ruining your present regime of heart. Also, repairing ‘Heartset’ is not just about removing negative emotions that build up frustrations and disappointments. It’s about amplifying healthy ones.

Ways to Implement:

Meditate, Forgive, Practice Gratitude and Keep yourself happy by contributing in society


Undoubtedly, the 3rd regime of your inner-self. Health is important aspect of everyone’s life. When we are young, we sacrifice our health by slogging millions of hours to acquire, achieve and attain professional mastery which leads to social acclaim and monetary success. Then we spend that money to attain good health. What I am saying here is not to have six-pack abs to be enjoying your feats, but basic health needs to be addressed. Watch what you eat, Go for some exercise or even better join a sport. This is something, I personally struggle with and still working on it.

Ways to Implement:

Exercise or even build a hobby which you can pursue while exercising (like photography, socializing with friends)



Soulset refers to the unstained and spotless spirituality that resides in your innermost cores of the being. Soulset is all about remembering who you truly are and what you truly stand/represent for. After we are born, we begin descend from spiritual state to physical state leading to acquiring, hoarding and comparing instead of creating, helping and adventuring. Elevating soulset can be done by marvelous meditation, thoughtful consideration and rich reflections for few minutes before daybreak. This helps you acquire and utilize spiritual intelligence (something I wrote about couple of weeks ago).

Ways to Implement:

Meditation, Introspection, or even travelling to distant places helps you feed your soul.

To summarize, these 4 aspects or inner regimes (like the way Robin Sharma calls it) helps you to navigate and make better choices for yourself leading to greatly lived lives. I actually, found a very relevant video from Robin Sharma on this particular theory embedding it below for your views.

Nihit M



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7 thoughts on “The 4 Interior Empires: Foundation of Primal Power”

  1. Rajesh agarwal

    This topic scratched by Nihit is very very relevant as we see with tremendous success and money, majority of people are dissatisfied and rather in some sort of depressing condition. .

    To lead a balanced , resolved and happy life said ideas are are to be observed in daily life

  2. Well written piece .For success in life ,one has to have a balance between the four mindsets.These day many professionals are neglecting their health due to work pressure and poor time management. Both mental and physical health need equal attention .ls there anything we can do at school level to produce healthy &mentally strong youth ?

  3. Dr Divya Gupta

    Good Morning,
    Yes you are absolutely right while saying that there are four faculties on which our life depends upon: mindset, heart set, health set, and soul set. All these things are really inspiring and motivating for anybody to lead a legendary life but for your next venture I think you should try to come up with with several references from Sanskrit scriptures because everything that you said over here and what Robin Sharma said I have gone through his video as well; these things are mentioned way back in our Sanskrit scriptures Artharvedas, upanishads and and believe me believe me I am going through several scriptures right now for one of my papers and and seriously like all these things, they are interrelated main thing in that like we are we have to focus on our lifestyle one thing cannot lead anybody to success that is true anyways your writings really has that spark to motivate anyone to instigate anyone Or instil that kind of zeal which increases working efficiency.
    wish you all the best

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