HomeMaker: Recipe of Homegrown Leadership

Today, I am writing to pay a tribute to all mothers out there on ‘Mother’s Day’ to acknowledge and appreciate the kind of effort and commitment it takes to nourish and nurture children of this world. ‘Home makers’  are those special god-sent people in one’s lives who contribute, cater and care of other needs first, even before their own. These are those important women in our lives who have stood by us when we didn’t even know to babble a single syllable. They not only take care of the next generation, but also look out of the previous ones. Home makers and their behaviors have been seed to the management education and philosophy. Numerous management principles discovered or formulated have found its nascent origins in ‘Home’.

After reading various books, blogs and even observing people, I could identify the following qualities and traits which I would associate a good leader with. And to my surprise, all these traits have been embodied by a home maker. Few of them are as follows:

Honesty & Integrity: An honest leader is respected by not only his team but also by his peers. Similarly, homemakers are people who are committed to their families and act with full honesty and integrity.

Effective Communicator & Motivator: A good leader needs to motivate his team and followers to scale heights. Homemakers motivate kids to be good and kind at school. They motivate their better halves to be better in what they are doing. They even motivate old people in family to look forward to sunset years of their lives.

Good Housekeeping skills: A good leader keeps his organisation clutter free and well maintained. So, does a homemaker. Keeping the home and lives clean, healthy and clutter-free is a task in itself.

Solution Oriented: A leader helps finding solutions and getting them suitably implemented. Similarly, home makers are doing commendable work on that front on a daily basis. Finding cooking hacks, fixing quarrels and squabbles and even sometimes fixing relationships are part of the daily to-do list of a homemaker.

Emotional Intelligence: With turn of this century, the significance of this term has increased in last 2 decades. However, for homemakers this aspect of intelligence has been pivotal to their daily operations. In actual terms, this term was coined after studying homemakers and their empathetic behavior towards their family.

‘Team first’ attitude: Do I really need to emphasize this, remember the time when you got an A grade in school or a medal in sports. Was your mother not happiest that day. For a homemaker, his/her family is a team which needs to perform in the world. If the team performs and wins accolades, it makes them happy. This trait was learned by management gurus from their own mothers and wives.

There are many more such attributes and there are hardly any which a homemaker doesn’t embody.  So, whatever management you want to learn, the library is in front of you. Try to find parallels of your problems with your mothers and wives. Because, the solution is right in front of you. You just have to get up and acknowledge it.

To all the homemakers out there, this article is just a small tribute to each and every one of you who have worked tirelessly for their entire lives to make sure your loved ones are comfortable and perform in the world. Many of us don’t acknowledge it everyday, but we do notice all the good work you put out there. So, Kudos to you….

Take Pride and Joy in what you do, What you do is extra special.

Nihit M

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62 thoughts on “HomeMaker: Recipe of Homegrown Leadership”

  1. Gurudutta Ray

    Dear Nihit,
    Nice expression of what a mother (as a comprehensive package) is? To be little specific, it was my mother who had ensured that me as a foetus would survive in her womb…
    I would share one of the routine incident which must have happened with all of us. During my school days I used to come running from the school in the afternoon leaving behind my sister ( who was asked to act as my mentor ). When I reach house, I first ask my mother for food.. Though she was always ready still she used to feel happy when I asked for it in my own words. With no time she used arrange for my meal. A spread to sit, glass full of water , rice, dal, sabji, bhaji, and ghee separately in a spoon. She will sit down nearby and used to fan for giving me coolness and to drive away flies. I always observed she was knowing my taste and she would force me to take more which I finished first. She used to be very particular to take feedbacks of her receipe very gently. Same receipe many times cooked differently for my sister. The habits of washing hands before food, taking ghee before ,offering food to GOD are some of the practices which became my habits . My wife becomes equal match. Later in my life I could realise that mothers are born entrepreneurs..The aptitude in which they manage at least one department of food describes the following management concept :
    1. Menu /receipe finalisation in shortest time- product identification
    2. Variations in the same receipe on the feedback- Product innovation
    3. She is never late in preparing the food – Just in time manufacturing and delivery
    4. Interacting and involvement during serving food – Customer focus attitude
    5. Sitting beside, fanning – Ensuring maximum delivery as per likes of customer
    6. Persistence of the same style of cooking and serving – Customer is now pampered and product becomes a brand.
    Gurudutta Ray

    1. Fully endorse the beautifully presented piece on Mother’s day.
      Mother is the first teacher and presents the Mother Earth in sacrifice.
      Economic Value of her never captured in GDP.
      Her immense managerial capability understood by us.
      What a befitting tribute. I loved reading it

  2. Sanjay Srivastava

    Befitting tribute to all mothers. Impressive write-up about the indisputably most important & complete relationship in our lives i.e. the mother-child relationship. Our mothers have always been the source of unconditional love & support. Great going Nihit.

  3. Nitin J Urankar

    Worth reading..fabolusely covered nearly every aspect of our better half for a wonderful living of our entire family by putting hard efforts without being noticed or any expectations….Indeed a dedicated article nihit..Keep the good work going…

  4. Randhir Kumar Sinha

    Great parallel drawn with simple and gentle words.. Mother is all in one manager…all styles of leadership’s get merged in a word I.e called Mother..
    Defining mother is almost impossible..

  5. Loving family existence is because of mother. Very beautifully all aspects are brought by young man. God bless you today, tomorrow and always
    Your well-wisher

  6. Biswajit Pradhan

    The article quite beautifully encapsulates the highly commendable leadership qualities that a homemaker possesses.Such qualities bear striking resemblance with the ones found in great leaders. The article is a fitting tribute to the homemakers whose role in shaping and nurturing
    a great leader is mostly unacknowledged.

  7. Hitendra Singh

    How beautiful is the concept of mother being a manager par excellence. How underestimated has she been

    Keep up the lovely articulation of new ideas

  8. Home maker is the real leader. When a child comes to the world, his or her future is shaped by the mother. Right from learning any instinct, learning to scroll, walk, talk, the basic habits, etiquettes, attitude, emotions etc is taught by her. She is the best planner in the world, best manager in exigency and adverse circumstances. She is the leader.
    Dear Nihit, you have brought out the the facets of homegrown leader very vividly and effectively. An inspiring article. Congratulations and all the best.

  9. Perfect appreciation for the who brought us on planet and made us capable to appreciate world around us.

  10. Sanjeev Gupta

    Very well narrated the home makers important role. An excellent article on mother’s day. Kudos.

  11. Dear Nihit, How beautifully you have put in words the gratitude towards mothers. The sum of all the teachings she provides is shaping up the character in the children. It guides them life long….
    Beautiful thoughts..

  12. Leadership skills are acquired through out our professional life. It began in our childhood days and our mothers were the first living role models to emulate.
    Nihit has excellently brought out, how mothers and wives keep leading as nucleus in sweet home.

  13. Shirish Khare

    Dear Nihit

    Very thoughtful and effective narration highlighting intrinsic traits of homemakers which have been learnt, emulated and appreciated by thinkers across the generations.

  14. True tribute to all the mothers on this special day. Very well articulated and you brought out the right aspects of a mother and her roles in someone’s life..
    Keep it up

  15. Very nicely identifying the talents around us and this itself is a role of a leader. Rightfully identified the leaders around with in the house itself, is a testimony in identifying the needful leaders for assigned task. In fact every true follower themselves embeddedWith a leadership trait with them, nurturing it further is the role a leader. With this outlook, I am sure you will succeed where ever you are and bring glory to the people around you.

  16. Befitting article on all the mothers and more so the homemakers on the Mother’s day. Rightly observed that homemakers have all the qualities of good leadership but are seldomly given credits for it.
    Infact even the formal economy does take into account the worth of services done by the home makers which according to me should form part of it. Very well written article bringing out this lesser acknowledged qualities of homemakers which they truly deserve.

  17. Dr. Suneel Deshpande

    Well said. Nature has selected her for such important responsibility to save, shape & make her offspring capable to live in world.
    Keep on writing on such thought provocating topics.

  18. A P Choudhary

    Hello Nihit, Beautifully articulated and most befitting tribute. So much of love. God bless you.

  19. Kishore Gurdasani

    Hi dear.. It’s an inspiring article.. Mothers are the most beautiful gift which God has created..
    Very beautifully expressed..

  20. Nihit, a very nicely articulated thought put out in words. In Marathi, there is very beautiful word representing “Mother”, the “Aai”, a very apt description showing the mother to be always available at the beck and call of the children. Infact one even doesn’t even needcto call, she instinctively knows when to come to support.

    1. Dr. S. K. Mohapatra

      A nice article full of emotions, gratitude and gratefulness towards Mothers, the creator, the protector, the nurturer and the friend & philosopher of each one, on this Mother Earth.
      Congrats to this young lad.
      With him all the best.

  21. Sharad Kumar Yadav

    Dear Nihit
    ‘ When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at purest love you will ever know ‘
    Your article in honor of all Mothers, is well thought, inspiring and true tribute to walking miracle.
    Best wishes

  22. Ajay Prabhakar

    Very well written article. Dear Nihit you have brought out the virtues of mother in very simple and comprehensive way. A good leader has to be truthful and selfless like a mother only then can he take his team to great achievements the way mother rears her children..

  23. Avinash Tarhawadkar

    Very well depicted …स्वामी तीनही जगाचा आई बिन
    भिकारी. .it is said tht, ” the Lord of 3 world( dharti , aakash, pataal ) is begger, if he does not have mother “.
    That is the greatness of Ma ..she gives herself to family and wellness of family, it is …”प्रपत्ती… .unconditional devotion.


    It is very true. We know maam as an individual highly motivated and very decipline same thing she gave to het next generation.

  25. Being a mother is undoubtedly the toughest full time job. The versatility ranges from bearing the most painful experience known to man and as you have brought out to playing the best managers around.

    Very well written, loved the way the author summarized the simplest tasks of women and linked to ex – B school traits.

  26. D C Srivastava

    Very good article. In the role of a mother, every mother be it human being or animal (except a few) sees her progeny as part of herself and more. Therefore, she does everything for the best of her progeny. Even among the animals, she nurtures and trains them to be safe and hunt for survival until they become independent. Forget about modern principles of the management, it was mothers that started the family system when people were hunter and food gatherer because at that time progeny was identified by mother as perhaps who was the father not known in primitive society. And it was the mother only used to take care of her children. In the family system labour surplus was created that led to the development of other skills and knowledge apart from food gathering and hunting. In due course of time families created society and then the society created the nation-state. Today, we are living in a modern nation-state with most modern amenities, and the credit goes to billions/trillions of mothers from antiquity to the present day who created the family system and strengthen them day by day.

  27. Siddharth Singh

    Dear Nihit,

    Wonderful article on Beautiful creation of Almighty. Intact it is worth to say that Mother’s are God’s best gift to every child. Mother’s have so many things to learn from that the list is exhaustive. But very well said that Mother has solutions to all problems of life. Very beautiful article. Keep sharing more. Stay blessed


  28. Arun Kumar Jain

    Dear Nihit.
    Very impressive and natural thoughtful expression about mother and home maker . Keep it up . God bless you
    A k Jain

  29. It’s a great tribute & explanation to all mothers. The write up covered each phase nicely and its linking to the true leadership. Our mothers have always been the source of inspirations, love & support.

  30. A perfect tribute to motherhood by NihitMohan.. by drawing management principles of successful leadership from the school of motherhood.

  31. The article is natural & articulated with thoughtful expression about the greatness of mother as home maker great keep it up

  32. Harekrishna Behera

    Very nicely narrated article dear Nihit on this special Mother’s day which is a real tribute to all the mothers for their love and full dedication to their families 24×7. Congratulations for your sincere effort.

  33. Nice way to recognise the contribution of mothers in upbringing the kids to a level where mothers are the most happiest amongst ……

  34. Anil Kumar B R

    Dear Nihit your article which brings out succinctly the attributes of homemakers is indeed an eyeopener. The contribution of homemakers in bringing up and nurturing the family is aptly encapsulated, enumerated and emphasized which has enamoured us!

  35. Prakash Agareala

    Well said and well written. Home is the place where one really lerns all skills of management. Mother being the homemaker imbibes all such skills on us. The teaching from mother is wholesome covering all aspects of life.

  36. Srinivasa Natarajan

    We take our moms for granted. And their services for granted. Their personal traits that make them who & what they are rarely come to mind. It calls for an excellent insight to recognise these traits. And remarkable ability to list them in managerial jargon. Yes indeed every mom is a manager and, al most invariably an excellent one at that, managing a home making the best with what she has. Kudos, Nihit. You have indeed made your mom proud.

  37. Sunil Pattanayak

    Mother is the embodiment of love, compassion and sacrifice. Thr first learnings of life come from the mother.
    A befitting tribute to Mother indeed !!

  38. Dear Nihit, Very nice and qualitative article elaborating the universal truth and God gifted qualities of Mother as our first teacher. Keep enlighting us. Best wishes.

  39. This is the reality which is going unnoticed most of the time. A homemaker is really a good manager, adminstrator, caretaker, sympathiser, educator, and ofcourse a good finance manager too. She spend lot more time than a office goer at home in such activities. So i think you have rightly depicted her image here. Hats up to each and every homemaker.

  40. Very nice article indeed. The first point Honesty and integrity, I feel is the key to any success. Nicely articulated article.

  41. Vijaya dat kagita

    This is a well intended article which reminds us once again to appreciate the women in our family. Indeed, they possess some incredible qualities which we ought to learn and we must remember to never take their contributions for granted.

  42. Seema Agarwal

    Mother for all of us is source of love and godly figure. Her unconditional love , Dedication and Devotion to her children is so unique and matchless that mother is treated in the world as embodiment of God.
    These attributes are so nicely depicted and elaborated.

  43. Dear Nihit beta,
    I found great pleasure in going through your article. You have nicely elucidated the role of Mother as Management Guru in a befitting manner.

    God is Great and assigned the duties to Parents.
    “Dharti pur roop Maa Bap ka,us Vidhata ki Pehchan hae.”
    Mother ‘s role is slightly more important than father because she performs her role selflessly and without any expectations.

    She is the first teacher of a child and later on assumes the role of Management Guru selflessly in a very Systematic manner till her death. As matter of fact, all of sudden,when we get a small prick,we immediately cry out ,”Hai Maa.”

    Therefore, even Our Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi visits her Mother , time and again to seek her blessings.
    With best wishes for your success in all walks of life now and also in the years to come.
    Hans Raj

  44. Mother-child relation is one of the most selfless and purest relations in this universe. Mother is the best leader for her child. A beautifully composed article, a tribute to all mothers on the occasion of mothers day. Well done dear Nihit. Looking forward to many more such articles in future.

  45. No doubt that homemakers especially in economically distressed part of society are not given their due share. their contribution can be visualized as cement which binds different bricks together to make a house. i fully endorse the view that there is a library in front of all of us to learn more and more great attributes.

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