Is New York Burning

Is New York Burning

This is one of the books which is very close to my heart. I bought this recently from a book store while I was travelling from Jaipur to Pune on my summer vacations. So, while on train I have this habit of reading books as there is nothing to do. Hence, I bought this book from the railway platform seller in Rs. 150. I never thought this book might be so gripping that I just finished it in one sitting (i.e. almost 12hrs). The thrill and suspense are never ending and gets better and better.

Original intention to buy the book was to learn new English words, not sure how much of that has happened. However, I came across a very nice science fiction story written by Dominique and Larry. Special mention to the way words have been used to paint a picture which transports you to the scene virtually.

The story is set in 2004, where Arab terrorists have smuggled an atomic bomb in the heart of New York. The terrorist group informs CIA and US president to bargain truce in Israeli land occupied by US forces since 1967.  The real risk was of losing New York and its millions of citizens. However, after a lot of high-profile investigations and meetings, America is ends up locating and diffusing the bombs. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Credit to authors for using the real-life characters like Bush, Rice, Musharraf, Laden etc. make the story much easier to follow. The strength of the story lies in the amount of research and fictionalization is done by authors. Having said that, such a frightening scenario is quite possible and can lead to a nightmarish outcome if not dealt properly.

On an overall basis, I would recommend it as a good read for any beginner in science fiction.

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