The Google Story

The Google Story

An amazing book to read, assimilate and implement in your own life. Perfect example of energy, enthusiasm and excellence is key to success. Although the story belongs to Sergey and Larry who created a global phenomenon on Search Engine. It was recommended to me by my college professor and was a nice read for the first time. I read it recently and it resounded to me even more that it did the first time. I finished flush-reading it in a month. Flush-reading, is the reading of the book while you are sitting on the toilet. Few pages everyday act as like small doses of knowledge and philosophies.

The Google Story is a fascinating peek into the biggest brand and arguably the most successful technology company of all times.  Writing about an organization while it is in existence is indeed tough – especially if it is written by a news reporter. The chapters are essays of different aspects of the vibrant organization. The founders are brash, innovative and modern-day superheroes who believed only in making their product the best.

Few stories, in particular about GMAIL and Google News are close to heart. As a user, it gave Goosebumps about their inception and implementation. Well done job by David Vise in capturing the real essence and spirit of the organisation. Recommended to all the technocrats and technology enthusiast people.

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