The Bloom of Life

This audacious piece of artwork just stood out of all the pieces in the gallery. According to the artist, a vase of flowers (i.e. Bloom of life)  is representative of the colors and energy that is brought by various family members of your life. Hence, it was named as “The Bloom of Life” by the artist. This painting is the centerpiece of our living room it not only adds colors to the room but is visual treat to the eyes.

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Who is Nihit Mohan?

Nihit Mohan is a banker, author and a TEDx speaker. He was born & raised in the cradle of cultural diversity of India, & currently resides in Singapore. He did his education from seven schools spread across multiple cities & cultures. He is an engineer by education & has made a successful career in the financial services industry. He hails from a family of engineers, bureaucrats & academicians.

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