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As I write today, my father is turning 60. An age of milestone, it means he will be retiring from his usual work commitments. I have always referred him to be my living management school. I have bounced off concepts, ideas and questions many days for last 33 years. He has always gave his full conviction on putting his thoughts through me.

There’s no question fathers are powerful role models and teachers. I have spent my life watching my father show an authentic interest in other people who appreciate his curiosity and the time and attention he gives them. As a result, my dad is universally liked and admired. It is a lesson I’ve taken to heart–without inquisitiveness I couldn’t do the kind of work I do, which involves getting others to tell their stories. Along that tract, I reached out to a wide swath of successful individuals who shared with me the most important lessons they learned from their dads.

As I was growing up, at school and then at university, I was exposed to all the latest management thinking and concepts, and I could see those in implementation by my father in his organisation which has always brimming with new ideas and innovations.

I am going to be writing the Top 10 management advice and learning which I have tried to imbibe which originated from my father. I do not think he was doing or emulating these on purpose for people to learn, he was doing these just because it was his natural sense of work and commitment.

 “Like what you do – do what you like.” Take your work seriously and be good at it. Always give quality work in everything that you do in life and career. One needs to be passionate about his work to be able to convince of its significance to others.

 “Leaders are not defined by positions.” One of the things that I learned from my father was that the power to make a difference lies within all. We can all make a difference and must do our bit. We all need to work for the right change. People around you notice your contributions.

“Never give up.” No matter whatever the odds, one should never back down or give up on one’s passion and values. We need to continuously strive towards our goal. We need to remember tough time do not last forever.

“Help others learn to do what they didn’t think they could do” My dad was the first mentor that I had, it’s because of his support and inspiration that I could do so many new things in life and work. He was a great coach who helped me realize my potential.

“Be a person of integrity.” My dad taught me that once we lose our character, we can never ever earn it back. Our honor and self-respect rest on our integrity. He taught me that whatever I do in life trust and transparency is important. Integrity of means we tell the truth. This also means being open and giving feedback to one another, fostering true collaboration.

“Start by being a good follower and teammate.” He taught me to start by becoming a good follower and teammate, to reach out to people and always respect the person even though we have a very different point of view.

“Respect People” It’s important to learn to respect others especially elders before we can demand respect from others. I learned from him that one gets back what he or she gives to others in terms of behavior. Whatever you offer to universe will come back to you multi-folds. So, think before contributing.

“Wisdom and age are not always connected.” One needs to remember that whether young or old, everyone can teach us something. Each person is unique, and we can learn something from them. Something, which I have always looked out for. I tend to observe and learn from all sorts of opportunities.

“Develop others” Every leader can only give the best his people can produce. Focus on developing people who are interested to learn and help them develop themselves. Mentor or Coach those people who in turn can help others. If we develop people around, we also grow. Leadership is about developing people to enable them to reach their potential. This helps me in focusing more on newer avenues and can be delivered within the same capacity.

“Be dependable and build confidence.“ Capability and Knowledge breed confidence. Incompetence and ignorance breed insecurity and conflict. Be genuine to people. Our credibility is key our success.

“Nothing can substitute persistence and determination.” “Every dog has its day” for someone to reach his destination or goal he must stick to the aim. If you go to the gym you can’t transform yourself in a short span. You need to stick to your training and make an enormous sacrifice to reach your target. The same is true for work and life.


I really hope, I can emulate this for my son and someday he feels proud to be my son.

Happy Birthday Papa !!!


Nihit M

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15 thoughts on “My Father: Living Management School”

  1. Dr. Suneel Deshpande

    Nihit congratulations. You have enumerated the skills of your daddy very precisely. I was reading a book ‘ HBR’s 10 must read papers on Managing yourself ‘. All articles are exactly matching the administrative style of your dad. I am sure you must have read that book. You can proudly say ‘ MY DAD IS BEST’.

    1. Deepali Srivastava

      I have known uncle for around 36 years and he has all the ones which you mentioned and many more…and the best of it is Being Happy all the time and he lives with the concept of ‘life is fun,and worth living:

  2. This was one of your best write ups as I know Uncle very well I knew exactly what you said about him.

  3. Nihit beta, very comprehensive and well written blog. This is yet another example of “like father, like son”. I am so proud of you.

  4. No better gift is possible, what Nihit has given to his father, very true and touching, I got emotional. Keep it up

  5. Great article by Nihit for a person whom I know personally since two and half decades.

    Nihit has very nicely worded the various attributes ofMr Hari Mohan

  6. Dear Nihit, being his son you had the advantage of seeing him at close quarters but for me who interacted with him on official matter pertaining to my area when he took over the charge of our organization, I also agree with what you have written about him in a very cogent style. I want to add one more quality that he made work as play. Just like in play one gets more focused and one’s ego remain suspended in the fun of the moment and gets completely absorbed in the process, he was engrossed in his work like play. In play one is not a personality but a presence. And presence is creative, dynamic & playful unlike personality which is stiff. Further presence also lingers on long after people are gone just like the remembrance of the players making mark during the game.
    My respect to him for the great take aways in management lessons received from him while working with him.
    I wish him all the best in his second innings.

  7. You have narrated his qualities in a very effective manner. Is seems that articulation is in the genes. I had the experience of working directly under his guidance. It is very difficult to pen down his qualities. Every time you read the article, you will find that some thing was missed. He is a true leader who always led from the front. I wish him all the best and pray almighty for best of health, happiness, satisfaction and enthusiasm in years to come

  8. It’s really amazing to see like father like son. What you write about your father is absolutely true. Me and Your father have been batch mates and friends in engineering college and I have always admired the qualities of your father in similar manner as you have described. You have now grown up to have your own identity in right earnest. I am sure you will shine bright. May God bless you.
    Vivek Gupta

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